Today, Philipp Sumi and I and are proud to announce the release of SLF - the Simple Logging Facade:


SLF is a framework with a simple but ambitious mission: To provide every developer with the means to easily plug in logging functionality into her application.As such, it aims at two fundamental goals:

  • Simplicity: SLF allows you to plug in solid logging functionality into your application with literally one line of code, while providing you with an upgrade path to complex logging scenarios at any time.
  • Flexibility: SLF provides you with a common interface that decouples the logging framework of your choice (e.g. log4net, EntLib, or NLog) from your code. This eliminates dependencies on a given framework, thus allowing you to switch (or even combine!) frameworks at any time. Furthermore, SLF's modular architecture allows you to plug-in custom logging strategies very easily.

You can:

Regards, Colin E.

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