Andrew Carr
Andrew Carr

I am a Principal Consultant leading the Big Data services within Scott Logic. I have a strong interest and expertise in low latency Front Office trading systems, software managing very large networks and the technologies involved in processing large volumes of data.


White Paper: Optimising Data Lakes for Financial Services

Data lakes? Most Financial Service organisations either have one or are considering one. This white paper explains key considerations and a warning to help guide their creation or optimisation to fulfil its requirement

The Big Data technologies that saved BP $7bn

Yesterday the Financial Times boldly declared that BP saved $7bn since 2014 by investing in Big Data technologies. I spent a couple of hours researching Big Data technologies associated with BP members of staff to try and build up a picture of exactly which technologies they are using.

Why Apache Spark is getting so much momentum behind it

Apache Spark has quickly become the largest open source project in big data, but why has it suddenly got so much momentum behind it?


Welcome to my blog, Andrew's thoughts on Big Data. This page gives a little background on myself and the blog. My name is Andrew Carr and I have been coding and generally being interested in technology since the age of 12. I have been involved in professional Software Engineering for...