Andy Lee
Andy Lee


Hero transitions in AngularJS

How to create hero transitions with AngularJS, similar to those implemented by Google's Material Design and Polymer's core-animated-pages.

HTML5 Mobile - Optimising for older or slower devices

Some lessons I've learned trying to optimise a HTML5 mobile App so that it's fast and responsive even on old or budget phones with limited performance.

HTML5 Mobile - Long-press to re-order scrollable lists

How to use a long-press to trigger re-ordering a list in Ionic Framework, instead of Ionic’s default implementation, which requires a button to switch modes.

Cross-platform mobile with Cordova and Ionic Framework

Using Cordova and Ionic Framework to turn an AngularJS web application into a cross-platform mobile application.

Asp.Net bundling of Angular templates

How to use Asp.Net's built-in bundling and optimisation feature to optimise AngularJS templates

End-to-End testing with Angular and Knockout

Writing end-to-end tests for a Single Page Application (SPA) built with Angular or Knockout, and how to improve the robustness of those tests.

Single Page Applications - Angular vs Knockout

A comparison of Angular and Knockout in an enterprise scale single page application, by building the same sample application with both tools.