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Michael Tinning

An Introduction to Continuous Delivery

This post explores continuous delivery within an agile context, and goes into detail about what it really means to be doing continuous delivery.

Thomas Kelly

Agile Projects: A Case Study

Over the past year, I worked on a large project which saw a dramatic shift towards a more Agile way of working. In this post, I will run through exactly what changed, how it made our project better, and what you can do to become more Agile.

Joe Bandenburg

Using Screenhero To Turbo-Charge Pair Programming!

In this blog post, I talk about my team’s journey from traditional “pass me the keyboard and mouse” pair programming to use of Screenhero for IDE sharing both within the office and remotely.

David Thomas

The Agile Mindset

Agile is a term that is heavily overloaded within software development. In this blog I take a look at Agile as a mindset for development, as opposed to a set of tools and practices.

Simon Foley

Does Scrum make the Project Manager role redundant?

This post will address a question that is often raised within organisations transitioning to Agile: is there a place for the Project Manager role when using Scrum on a project? This is a challenging question for IT departments that have historically relied on project managers to control their change portfolio,...

David Thomas

How does the nature of an engagement affect how we introduce Agile?

The exact method used for introducing Agile will depend on the nature of our client. Here I look at how different clients might affect the approach we take.

David Thomas

Introducing Agile upfront

An alternative to introducing Agile incrementally is to make a 'big bang' transition, converting over to Agile all at once. In this post I take a look at how this might work.

David Thomas

A piecemeal approach to introducing Agile

One of the common ways of introducing Agile is to incrementally move the current process to a more Agile one. Here I take a look at the strengths and weakness of this approach.

David Thomas

Introducing Agile development to client projects

As Agile methodologies gain more acceptance in the software development world, should Scott Logic look at introducing Agile to our client projects? And if so how?

Rolf Baxter

Isolated Scrum: Does Scrum need to be Complemented with eXtreme Programming to Succeed?

Abstract Extreme Programming [1] (XP) and Scrum [2] are Agile methods based on the same underlying principles, but they also differ in purpose. As a project management methodology, Scrum omits agile technical practices, an area that XP fills with abundance. When used in conjunction it is easy to see how...

Mike Perrin

Scott Logic and Agile Software Development

Each project is different and each client has different needs. Scott Logic has the flexibility to fit in with client requirements - but often we are asked to take on ownership of the process of software development, as well as the day to day mechanics of cutting code. We have...

Colin Eberhardt

Presentation on Agile Development

Last week I gave a presentation on Agile Development for an event hosted by Codeworks and Sunderland Software City. This blog post is a brief review of my presentation and the event itself. The event was titled, "An Introduction to Agile Methodology - Get a Head Start in 2010", which...