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Graham Odds

White Paper – Making Technology Disappear

Creating omni-channel experiences in enterprise is more often than not a challenge in terms of strategy and mindset rather than technology. This white paper outlines a twinned design and technical approach that ensures focus is squarely on users and the contexts within they use a system.

Sam Hogarth

On Running a Code Club

Scott Logic have been helping out with a Code Club at a local primary school. As one of the developers involved, I'd like to share my experiences and tips for running your own Code Club!

Colin Eberhardt

HTML5 - It Just Got Real - A One-day Conference in London 14th May

Announcing a one-day conference at the Royal Society, London UK, on the 14th of May. Just a few years back I wrote a white paper titled "Flex, Silverlight or HTML5? Time to decide ..." with the help of a couple of my colleagues, comparing the strengths and weaknesses of the...

Colin Eberhardt

Windows Phone 8 Running App Article wins CodeProject competition

I've just received an email from those nice folks at CodeProject letting me know that my article 'A Windows Phone 8 Run Tracking App in 100 Lines of Code' has just won the Best Mobile article of January 2013 award.

Colin Eberhardt

CodeProject MVP 2013

Earlier today I received an email informing me that I have been awarded a CodeProject MVP for the year 2013. I am very grateful to CodeProject for this award - it is a very popular website for developers, with around 10 million members, and thousands of authors. It is an...

Colin Eberhardt

CodeProject Article on Xamarin Cross Platform Development

Yesterday I published a new article on CodePrioject: Property Finder - a Cross-Platform Xamarin MonoTouch Mobile App This article looks at how you can write a cross-platform mobile application with a shared C# code base using Xamarin MonoTouch. The application that is described in the article, a property finder, is...

Colin Eberhardt

Gesture-Driven To Do List Article Wins CodeProject Monthly Competition

I have just found out that my article "A Gesture-Driven Windows Phone To-Do List" won first place in the July 2012 best mobile article category. Thanks CodeProject, looking forward to receiving my collection of goodies - especially the new mouse mat! (Why not check out my latest article, a HTML5-based...

Colin Eberhardt

KnockoutJS vs. Silverlight - a new CodeProject article

I have just published a new article over on CodeProject called "KnockoutJS vs. Silverlight". It demonstrates the implementation of the same application using both frameworks, and seeks to answer the question "Which is better, Silverlight or Knockout?" It's a bit of an epic (6,500 words). I hope people find it...

Colin Eberhardt

Proud to be a CodeProject MVP 2012

I have just received an email from Chris Maunder, co-founder of CodeProject, informing me that I have been awarded CodeProject MVP status for 2012.

Chris Price

Full Frontal Conference 2011

Last Friday I headed down to Brighton for the annual Full Frontal conference. It was my first time there and I'm very glad I made the trip. The quality and breadth of the talks given far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to Remy Sharp for his organisational and timekeeping skills, and...

Colin Eberhardt

Codeproject September Competition - Scored a Double!

I have just received an email from Codeproject - my article on XAMLFinance, a cross platform Silverlight, WPF and WP7 application, has won Best C# and Best Overall article competitions for September. Having narrowly missed out in the monthly competitions a few times, I am pleased to have scored a...

Chris Price

Scott Logic Newcastle Grand Prix

Last Thursday night saw a tense battle for the podium at the inaugural Scott Logic Newcastle grand prix. The race was held south of the river at Karting North East in Sunderland, but most people didn't let that, or the afternoon of torrential rain put them off! The race started...

Jonathan Cardy

Scott Logic Pool Competition

Simon & Ian Tense semi-final as spectators look on, enthralled The inaugural Scott Logic pool competition took place last night, kicking off with 12 brave entrants comprising 6 developers, 5 new graduates and our intern Dean. It was a marathon session in a league format; a total of 66 games...

Colin Eberhardt

From Silverlight to HTML5 CodeProject Article

I have just published an article on codeproject which describes the differences in development between Silverlight and HTML5. In order to illustrate the differences, I have re-implemented my Windows Phone 7 JumpList control using HTML5/CSS3. You can see this control in action below: (NOTE: this will look best in a...

Mike Perrin

Scott Logic and Agile Software Development

Each project is different and each client has different needs. Scott Logic has the flexibility to fit in with client requirements - but often we are asked to take on ownership of the process of software development, as well as the day to day mechanics of cutting code. We have...

Colin Eberhardt

White Paper: Flex, Silverlight or HTML5? Time to decide...

When meeting current and prospective clients the subject of web technology choice often arises. There has been a great deal of confusion and uncertainty out there, even before Microsoft's perceived change of stance with respect to Silverlight emerged. This white paper is intended to help technology decision makers come to...

Jonathan Cardy

CodeProject article on JavaScript strangeness

At the weekend I published a CodeProject article titled "A Collection of JavaScript Gotchas". The target audience is JavaScript developers and also any other developer who might have an interest in JavaScript. I think it covers pretty much all of the wacky features that give JavaScript a bad name. [caption...

Colin Eberhardt

CodeProject Article on WP7 Jump List

I have just published a new CodeProject article on developing a Windows Phone 7 jump list control. Enjoy! Regards, Colin E.

Colin Eberhardt

My DDDHack Entry

At the weekend my wife was having a 'girls night out', which gave me an excellent excuse (and roughly four hours) to spend working on a DDDHack entry. I selected the RSSReader project as a starting point with the aim of turning it into something which resembled a more usable...

Colin Eberhardt

White Paper: Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7 cross platform development

Last week I gave a presentation at a joint Scott Logic / Microsoft event about how WPF and Silverlight are unifying the development platform for desktop, web and mobile. To accompany the talk I wrote a white paper which delves into this subject in a little more detail. You can...

Colin Eberhardt

News on Silverlight adoption from the Silverlight 3 UK Launch

Yesterday myself and Gary Scott (our MD) went down to London for the Silverlight 3 UK launch event. This is the first time I have been to Microsoft's London office so I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The glass-clad arched office exterior, and shiny minimalist interior were certainly stylish,...

Colin Eberhardt

Community Credit Prize Winner

Last month was a busy one for me - I wrote quite a few blog posts, with the Silverlight ones proving very popular, and added new article posted to codeproject. I just received an email today notifying me that I was a prize winner in the Community Credit April 2009...

Colin Eberhardt

New codeproject article on WPF, Silverlight + T4 Templates

I have just finished a new article on CodeProject - Generate WPF and Silverlight Dependency Properties using T4 Templates

Colin Eberhardt

Awards and other news

A couple of days ago I was happy to hear that I am a prizewinner in the Community Credit awards for November 2008. Community Credit encourages developers to contribute to the global developer community by writing articles, giving talks, participating on forums etc... Top contributors are rewarded with 'stupid prizes',...