Chris Grant
Chris Grant


Using Snapshot With Simulator Status Magic To Generate Perfect Ios Screenshots

I have recently been using a set of tools called fastlane, developed by Felix Krause. fastlane helps to automate the steps involved in building and deploying iOS applications to the App Store. Snapshot One of my favourite fastlane tools is snapshot. snapshot allows you to automate taking localised screenshots of...

Video Stitching with AVFoundation

Explaining the very basics of AVFoundation while building a Mac Application that stitches 3 .mov files together.

2D Game Development with SpriteKit

Explaining the very basics of getting a simple 2D fighter plane game up and running with SpriteKit

Creating a Telemetry Application using Silverlight, Visiblox and Custom Controls

Introduction About a month ago, I was using the MoTeC i2 Data Analysis software to look through some telemetry data that I had exported from a popular racing simulator game. Although MoTeC is feature rich and a great tool for motor racing professionals and enthusiasts, I had the idea to...

Creating an Earthquake Monitoring Application with Visiblox

This post describes how to develop an Earthquake Monitor application based on live data from the USGS, using Silverlight, the MVVM Pattern, Visiblox and the Silverlight Bing Maps Interactive SDK.

Comparison of the Available iOS Charting Libraries

In this post, I explore four of the available iOS charting libraries and investigate the features, API, and pros and cons of each. In order to conduct a fair investigation, I have developed a comparison framework which loads historic stock market data from the Yahoo Finance API. My findings were...