Chris Smith

I'm a Lead Developer at Scott Logic. I have a lot of experience with C# and JavaScript. I'm currently interested in DevOps (especially Docker) and functional programming, e.g. F#, Erlang, Clojure.


Docker 1.12 swarm mode - round robin inside and out

This post demonstrates how Docker 1.12 swarm mode round robins the containers in a service both for incoming connections (ingress) and DNS within the swarm.

Declarative CI / CD with Concourse

This post describes the Concourse build system and explains why declarative CI / CD is so compelling. No more pet build servers!

Playing with Docker Compose and Erlang

This post uses Docker Compose to spin up a three container HTTP server. One container services the HTTP requests and delegates work to two other containers in a load-balanced way. Erlang is used for development to add a bit of extra challenge!