Ian Sullivan
Ian Sullivan


Creating a High Performance Stock Ticker Using Haskell

This post demonstrates how to create an efficient stock ticker app using HTML5 WebSockets and a Haskell server.

What Makes a Good CMS?

Code quality is important in large systems and web sites are no exception. This post shows how Umbraco enables developers to write clean and maintainable code.

Generating Type-Safe Email Templates Using Single File Generators

This post shows how 'single file generators' can be used to generate type-safe email templates

Introducing (Another) New Static Site Generator

This post introduces 'Bramble MVC', a prototype static site generator which aims to be a little different from existing static site generators by having an API resembling a dynamic web server.

Writing Desktop and Web-Based JavaScript Applications

This post demonstrates how JavaScript and HTML5 related technologies can be used to create an application that can run in both a web browser and as a cross-platform desktop application using node-webkit.