James Phillpotts
James Phillpotts


Real-time data analysis using Spark

Big Data is a hot topic these days, and one aspect of that problem space is processing streams of high velocity data in near-real time. Here we're going to look at using Big Data-style techniques in Scala on a stream of data from a WebSocket.

Testing HTTP requests with Betamax in Scala

Betamax is a tool to help with testing applications that consume web services by allowing the developer to record responses and then replay them. In this post we look at how we can use it in Scala.

Adventures with Scala Macros - Part 4

In the final article in the series, we take the RESTful API we've created and integrate it with MongoDB for persistence using the Salat library.

Adventures with Scala Macros - Part 3

Taking a macro that can extract path elements from a query string and turning it into a fully fledged RESTful API, backed by an in-memory database.

Adventures with Scala Macros - Part 2

In this article we'll look at ways to overcome one of the main restrictions of def macros - the ability to only generate functions.

Adventures with Scala Macros

Diving in head first into Scala Macros, generating code using the language's abstract syntax tree. I'll be looking at how to create a function that in subsequent articles we can turn into a generated RESTful API.