James White
James White


What's new in JUnit 5?

JUnit 5 has been available for a few weeks now so in this post I will investigate setting it up and migrating from JUnit 4 then explore some of the new features available.

Mutation Testing - Who will test the tests themselves?

Having good tests is vital for maintaing code but it is difficult to assess the quality of your tests. Mutation testing provides one way of evaluating your tests. In this post I will be using PIT with Java to demonstrate the capabilities of mutation testing.

Cassandra vs. MariaDB, Scaling

In this post we compare how Cassandra and MariaDB can be configured to operate in clusters and how this affects response time for queries. We found Cassandra to scale well and to be highly configurable. MariaDB can be used with Galera Cluster but it does not provide horizontal scaling. Also NDB can be used to scale MySQL but it was not as configurable as Cassandra.

StreamSets with Docker - an example HDFS integration

StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) is an open source tool for stream-based extracting, transforming and loading large quantities of data. It provides an easy to use UI on top of the underlying processing power of YARN and Spark Streaming with a large number of installable integrations with source and destination systems....