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Colin Eberhardt

gifbot - Building a GitHub App

This post takes a look at the recently launched GitHub App platform, that allows developers to create integrations and services which can be shared with others. The post describes the development of gifbot, a simple and fun App!

Steven Hunton

What it means to be Agile

While there is much written about Agile, it’s important to understand not only the principles of the frameworks but also what it means to be Agile. The demands of customers, the changing landscape, the speed at which technology is growing and the rate at which we learn means that we...

James Rice

Insurance: A Customer's Perspective

Insurance is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to user experience. This post will detail some thoughts on what can be done in the short term to steer their customer’s experience in the right direction.

Colin Eberhardt

Developing a GitHub Bot with AWS Lambda

This blog post describes the process of creating a GitHub bot, hosted as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda function, that performs various checks on pull requests.

Bartosz Jedrzejewski

Making agile teams more productive from the inside

It is a great joy to be a member of a productive team that delivers exceptional value. In this blog post I will share things that developers can be doing to make that happen. Ideas presented are funded in Agile principles and Lean manufacturing.

Nicholas Wolverson

TypeScript compiler APIs revisited

Two years ago I wrote about TypeScript compiler APIs. There has recently been further progress in this area and I explore the newly exposed API in TypeScript 2.3.

William Ferguson

Creating Simple Web Services in Go

Following on from making a simple particle simulation in Go, I decided to try and implement a simple set of web services too.

Rosie Hamilton

Help Your Testers Succeed in 8 Minutes

At the Agile North East Lightning Talks Competition I had 8 minutes to tell a room full of people how to help testers succeed.

Colin Eberhardt

Interactive and Responsive Small Multiples with D3

Small multiples repeat the same basic chart, typically with the same axes, to display different slices of a dataset. They are an excellent way of showing rich multi-dimensional data, without becoming a dense mess of lines. This post looks at how to implement small multiples with D3 and d3fc.

James White

Cassandra vs. MariaDB, Scaling

In this post we compare how Cassandra and MariaDB can be configured to operate in clusters and how this affects response time for queries. We found Cassandra to scale well and to be highly configurable. MariaDB can be used with Galera Cluster but it does not provide horizontal scaling. Also NDB can be used to scale MySQL but it was not as configurable as Cassandra.

Marzio Superina

React time travel: the store may not be enough

Your store is the source of truth... as long as it makes sense. A concrete example integrating Redux with React Router

Ross Hendry

Keeping Secrets in Docker

Docker 1.13 introduces a simple way of providing secrets to containers

Dave Ogle

Cassandra vs. MariaDB

We've been comparing Cassandra and MariaDB in single node setups, exploring the issues of each in terms of performance and ease of use from a development perspective. In this article we explore the issues at play in such a setup such as the differences in queries, speed of response and the features that seperate these two technologies.

Rosie Hamilton

Creating My First Web Application with Go

How I used Go to create a web app that would help me practice violin scales.

Marzio Superina

Level-up your dependencies in React

Level-up the state is perhaps the most useful React pattern. Apply it to your dependencies and you can get many benefits, like better tests, flow control and idempotent routes.

Colin Eberhardt

Visualising London Marathon Training Data From Strava

I downloaded an analysed the training data for 1,000 athlete who ran the London Marathon in 2016. From this data I've learnt that people put in ~30% less mileage than popular plans suggest, Sunday mornings are a firm favourite for long runs, and that Saturday morning parkruns are very popular!

Dominic Ketley

StreamSets with Docker - an example HDFS integration

StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) is an open source tool for stream-based extracting, transforming and loading large quantities of data. It provides an easy to use UI on top of the underlying processing power of YARN and Spark Streaming with a large number of installable integrations with source and destination systems....

Tamara Chehayeb Makarem

Sharing styling specs with developers

This post looks at the pros and cons of some of the automated handoff tools available for designers to share style specs with developers.

James Dunkerley

Initial impressions of Alteryx 11

My first thoughts and impressions of version 11 of Alteryx.

Daniel Cook

The Rise of Big Data Streaming

With the advent of the Internet of Things, the world of Big Data couldn't be more relevant. This post gives an overview of technologies that achieve processing at scale and in real time.