Rosie Hamilton
Rosie Hamilton

I have been happily testing software and reporting bugs since 2005. I am the Author of Mega Ultra Super Happy Software Testing Fun Time. As well as writing I enjoy playing violin, playing PC games, going to the gym and pushing Golang and R to Github. I currently work at Scott Logic as a Senior Test Engineer.


Help Your Testers Succeed in 8 Minutes

At the Agile North East Lightning Talks Competition I had 8 minutes to tell a room full of people how to help testers succeed.

Creating My First Web Application with Go

How I used Go to create a web app that would help me practice violin scales.

Foreign Currency Trading Heuristic Testing Cheat Sheet

After 18 months testing FX trading software I decided to create and share a heuristic cheat sheet to help explore trading apps.

Deconstructing Test Bash with R - Twitter Mining and Sentiment Analysis

How I used R to collect and analyse all of the tweets made about Test Bash Manchester, a recent software testing conference.

Test Bash Manchester 2016

I was lucky enough to attend Test Bash Manchester recently. This is my first hand report of the experience. Find out what happened when testers from around the world all came together to talk about testing.

Learning to talk - Finding your voice and telling a story

Having never given a technical talk before, I agreed to speak in public then found myself figuring out how I was going to do this.

Exploring Data - Creating Reactive Web Apps with R and Shiny

I developed a web application to enable exploration of the data collected by a survey of software testers. I explain how R and Shiny can be used to create reactive web applications which make data accessible to a wider audience.

A snapshot of software testers in 2016

Continuing my research into Software Testers I examine how and why people are getting into testing careers and present a snapshot of testers in 2016

A study of software testers

I decided to do some research into testers and the challenges we face in the work place to find some answers. These are some my findings.

The Lonely Tester's Survival Guide

How to stay fresh, focused and super effective when testing alone

Data Mocking - A way to test the untestable

Some of the biggest challenges when testing software can be getting the software into some very specific states...

Know your bugs

Six annoyingly awkward bug patterns that every tester should know...

Automating bacon sandwiches

When deciding which tests to automate, one criteria commonly used is to identify simple repetitive tasks that are performed often. This morning while completing my bacon sandwich order form I realised that this was a relatively simple task that I repeat each Friday morning.