Robat Williams
Robat Williams

I work building web applications for our clients at Scott Logic. I mainly work with HTML5/JavaScript front end technologies, and Java.


Mapping currency strength changes with D3

In this post, I create an interactive map of relative changes in currency strength, using D3's geographic projections, world map data, and a currency exchange API.

Quick guide to webpack source map options

A quick guide to the available source map options in webpack, and the considerations for choosing one in different scenarios.

Applying styles to parent elements before children in AngularJS

Sizing advanced components such as grids using ng-style can leave you with rendering problems. Here, I create a variant of ng-style with some small tweaks to avoid this problem.

Developing large scale KnockoutJS applications

It's easy to get started building data-bound user interfaces in the browser using the KnockoutJS MVVM library. This post covers some practices and techniques that help with using it successfully in large single page applications.