Sam Davies

Having escaped first from academia, and then the public sector, Sam is very happy to be working in the software industry. His role as Technical Evangelist at shinobicontrols involves a huge amount of writing, speaking at conferences and catching up with customers. His specialism is in mobile, but he has wide ranging experience, and a passion for the emerging "Internet of Things".

He is a member of the Ray Wenderlich tutorial team and in addition to writing tutorials for the site, he was a lead author on the iOS 8 by Tutorials book, as well as a speaker at RWDevCon 2015. He blogs prolifically on the shinobicontrols site, as well as writing articles for other sites such as

Sam has also written a selection of free e-books about mobile development over recent years, including the very popular iOS 7: Day-by-Day, iOS 8: Day-by-Day and Bitesize Android KitKat.


Swift JSON Shoot-Out

For some reason, everybody and their dog has written about how to parse JSON in Swift. Not wishing to be left out, I thought I'd throw my hat into the ring.