Steven Hall

Steven Hall


View Inheritance in Backbone

on 14 Dec 2012

Backbone.js is interesting because it gives you the basic framework of an MVC application without enforcing patterns on you. However, in larger web application it's always important to ensure your structure promotes code reuse and good organization for future development. One such way is through inheritance of views,...

A Webapp By Another Name III

on 01 Jul 2011

My colleague Chris Price covered coming up with a "web-less webapp" in part one of this series, and then went on to talk about wrapping an application for iOS in

Handling Validation Error Messages in Struts2

on 16 Feb 2011

I've recently been developing a web project using the Struts2 framework. A problem that came up during development was validation. More specifically, the way error messages and page redirects are sent back to the user. In this blog post I'll explain the problems I encountered, and some solutions to those...

JavaScript Array.push Performance

on 15 Oct 2010

I was recently reading Google's JavaScript Style Guide when I came across the following claim: "Note that since assigning values to an array is faster than using push() you should use assignment where possible." I had always used push to assign a value to the end of an...

Closure Library on the Server

on 16 Sep 2010

Over the past few months I've been using the Closure Library to create my own JavaScript library that carries out some graphical processing. This is done entirely in JavaScript, using Closure's graphics package. An important factor in the development of this library was compatibility. I wanted assurance that,...

Integrating Closure Tools with Maven

on 10 Sep 2010

Apache Maven is a popular build management tool that we use at Scott Logic to handle our internal projects. When I began using the Closure Tools, integrating the Compiler into the Maven build process became an important task. Having the compilation of code in the build process assures that the...

Introducing.. Closure Tools

on 06 Sep 2010

In November 2009, Google released their previously internal Closure Tools package, consisting of the Closure Library, Compiler and Templates, to the open-source community with the intention of allowing users to create web applications as advanced as their own. Initially considered a "20% project" for a selection of Google...