Tim Barclay
Tim Barclay


Static Shock - Using Modern Static Site Generators

This post discusses building a modern single page marketing site using a static site generator

Building a Jump Scroll Marketing Page with Meteor and OrionJS

Recently I needed to make a site for a personal project, and although I work on dynamic web apps for a living, I hadn't had to make a proper, honest-to-goodness website for years. There are plenty of well-known options out there for making sites quickly, like Wordpress and Squarespace, but why go for the quick option, I said to myself, when there's a learning opportunity to be had!

Creating a Single Page App in Meteor

Meteor seems like a fresh way to work. It makes a lot of things, like CRUD operations and keeping your UI in line with data changes, extremely easy and it adds a lot of nice, clever tricks, like the client-side stubbing of server-side methods.