Steven Hunton

Steven Hunton

I'm a Delivery Manager at Scott Logic. I have a distant memory of being a developer with the past decade or so dedicated to project delivery, scaling and expanding Agile for large organisations and sharing what I learn along the way.

Our journey of digital transformation with the Scottish Government and the completion of a major milestone in the delivery of a payments service.
Sharing our experience of delivering a complex, technical project, and why we decided to switch to Agile (Scrum) mid-project to take control of the project delivery.
With a well publicised history of multi-billion pound IT failures and operating inefficiencies the UK government took the decision to adopt agile across the public sector. This is a brief look at the history of that adoption and lessons learned for those with an interest in agile project delivery.
This blog post discusses concerns around agile delivery, particularly within the public sector
This blog post discusses the merits of adopting a culture of continuous change
While there is much written about Agile, it’s important to understand not only the principles of the frameworks but also what it means to *be* Agile.