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Aurelia, less2css and bundling

by Luke Page, on 29 Jun 2015 Luke Page

In the second post of my series on the Aurelia framework I walkthrough bundling the less2css project. The result of which significantly reduced the load time, but did uncover a few aspects of the Aurelia bundling process that do not yet feel fully formed.

UX Scotland 2015

by Rui Marcalo, on 26 Jun 2015 Rui Marcalo

During the end of last week, UX Scotland 2015 took place at the Dynamic Earth, offering a selection of interesting talks, workshops and social events. The conference was filled with interesting guests sharing their personal experiences, including Scott Logic’s Graham Odds. The hot Summer Sun proved to offer the ultimate...

Learn ES6 from Airbnb's coding standards

by Luke Page, on 10 Jun 2015 Luke Page

Airbnb's JavaScript coding standards are now based around ES6 and contain many guidelines to help you take advantage of its features. In this blog post I'll present some resources I created to help you learn ES6 through their guidelines.