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Strictly Testing

by Daniel McNamee, on 22 May 2015 Daniel McNamee

How we develop software has changed dramatically, more so in the last 8 years since smartphones came to prominence. How software is tested, arguably hasn’t. Or has changed so much, that some don’t see the need for testers at all.

MVVM With ReactiveCocoa 3.0

by Colin Eberhardt, on 15 May 2015 Colin Eberhardt

This is my final article on ReactiveCocoa 3.0 (RAC3), where I demonstrate some more complex RAC3 usages within the context of an application built using the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) pattern.

Introduction to ASP.NET 5

by Effrosyni Kouri, on 14 May 2015 Effrosyni Kouri

This blog post discusses the changes to the .NET framework, the solution layout / configuration and serves as an introduction to the recommended programming style encouraged by Microsoft going forwards.

White Paper – Making Technology Disappear

by Graham Odds, on 08 May 2015 Graham Odds

Creating omni-channel experiences in enterprise is more often than not a challenge in terms of strategy and mindset rather than technology. This white paper outlines a twinned design and technical approach that ensures focus is squarely on users and the contexts within they use a system.