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Tamara Chehayeb Makarem

Working with type: Sketch vs. Adobe Illustrator

In this post, I go over the similarities and differences between Sketch and Illustrator when working with type.

Graham Odds

Change, Presented Two Ways

Inspired by a recent dot chart visualisation focusing on the change of a value in different circumstances, this blog post presents the same data visualised using a slopegraph and compares and contrasts the two forms.

Steven Hunton

A Continuous Change Culture

This blog post discusses the merits of adopting a culture of continuous change

Colin Eberhardt

Mapping UK place name endings (With command line cartography tools)

Place names in UK and Ireland are very much influenced by their surroundings, with endings such as -hill, -ford, and -wood quite clearly referencing local geography. This blog post uses the new NDJSON command line tools for processing, transforming and joining datasets to create an optimised visualisation.

Zinat Wali

Load testing Alteryx API with Gatling

A successful attempt of load testing Alteryx API with Gatling and a not-so-successful attempt with Apache JMeter

Mili Mathew

The ALF – Annual Summit 2017 and do Conferences really add value?

This blog describes the ALF annual summit in London, why it is different in approach to other conferences, and what value conferences provide.

Nick Owen

Does NPM 5 deprecate yarn?

Does npm 5 deprecate yarn? With promises of increased speed and consistent package versions yarn has a new competitor, but in this post I'll show the reasons for why, for the time being, I'll be sticking with yarn.

James Dunkerley

Setting up a TypeScript Electron app in WebPack

A walkthrough of setting up a WebPack 2 based build process for creating an Electron application in TypeScript, including configuring a build in Visual Studio Team Services.

William Ferguson

Creating a Parallel Particle Simulation in Go

Following on from my previous blog post where I created a simple particle simulation using Go, I looked at adding some complexity.

Sioned Baker

devtools@scale event

This blog describes a one day event in London where leading tech companies were discussing tools they use to make their development and operations scale and be more efficient.

Nick Owen

Creating semantic components in Angular and React

Using two of the currently most popular web frameworks I'll demonstrate how to create semantic looking code.

Nick Owen

White-labelling using PostCSS path resolution

Theming an application is a concern for many organisations and products. In this post I'll present a simple way to manage branding using current tooling.

Colin Eberhardt

gifbot - Building a GitHub App

This post takes a look at the recently launched GitHub App platform, that allows developers to create integrations and services which can be shared with others. The post describes the development of gifbot, a simple and fun App!

Steven Hunton

What it means to be Agile

While there is much written about Agile, it’s important to understand not only the principles of the frameworks but also what it means to be Agile. The demands of customers, the changing landscape, the speed at which technology is growing and the rate at which we learn means that we...

James Rice

Insurance: A Customer's Perspective

Insurance is stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to user experience. This post will detail some thoughts on what can be done in the short term to steer their customer’s experience in the right direction.

Colin Eberhardt

Developing a GitHub Bot with AWS Lambda

This blog post describes the process of creating a GitHub bot, hosted as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda function, that performs various checks on pull requests.

Bartosz Jedrzejewski

Making agile teams more productive from the inside

It is a great joy to be a member of a productive team that delivers exceptional value. In this blog post I will share things that developers can be doing to make that happen. Ideas presented are funded in Agile principles and Lean manufacturing.

Nicholas Wolverson

TypeScript compiler APIs revisited

Two years ago I wrote about TypeScript compiler APIs. There has recently been further progress in this area and I explore the newly exposed API in TypeScript 2.3.

William Ferguson

Creating Simple Web Services in Go

Following on from making a simple particle simulation in Go, I decided to try and implement a simple set of web services too.

Rosie Hamilton

Help Your Testers Succeed in 8 Minutes

At the Agile North East Lightning Talks Competition I had 8 minutes to tell a room full of people how to help testers succeed.