Daniel McNamee
Daniel McNamee
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Chaining Custom Locators

Custom locators are great for when you need to roll your own, but they can require some tweaking when an application starts to get more complex. Here I'll look at how to chain custom locators.

Independent testers question

Automation of user interactions in browsers can be difficult. Even more so when you have to hunt for elements in a single page application. How can we ensure reliable location of these and reduce flaky checking?

Helpers for automated checking

When automating end to end browser verification, how do you keep it simple, make it robust and enable flexibility within your automated checks. One way is to use helpers.

Fun and effective bug hunts

Testers by themselves can't find all the bugs. Nor identify all the problems. So how do you get non-testers to look critically at the software and organise them to be effective at it. At least for day. This post explores the bug hunt. Asking the questions, giving some tips.

Strictly Testing

How we develop software has changed dramatically, more so in the last 8 years since smartphones came to prominence. How software is tested, arguably hasn’t. Or has changed so much, that some don’t see the need for testers at all.


When Malcolm Gladwell wrote a book called Blink about the power of the subconscious in 2005, a heuristic was named for it. Read on for how blink testing works, and some further thoughts on how other ideas the book contained can influence your testing.

7 things to look for when testing with agility

There are many ways of testing software within an Agile methodology, here are 7 things I learned.

Testing Standards

Should there be testing standards. If so, who should define them, and how should you access them?

Schools of Testing

Which school, which certificate? It’s a minefield for testers. Are any certifications worthwhile?

Rapid Software Testing

This is the start of a testing journey for Scott Logic, where we will share some testing experiences, expertise and examples.