Nick Owen
Nick Owen

I'm a Senior Developer at Scott Logic, with many years of C# experience. Recently I've immersed myself in JavaScript, including Angular and React.


First look at Polymer 3.0

I'll be taking a first look at Polymer 3.0, including how to integrate other technologies, as well as comparing it with other front-end frameworks.

Does NPM 5 deprecate yarn?

Does npm 5 deprecate yarn? With promises of increased speed and consistent package versions yarn has a new competitor, but in this post I'll show the reasons for why, for the time being, I'll be sticking with yarn.

Creating semantic components in Angular and React

Using two of the currently most popular web frameworks I'll demonstrate how to create semantic looking code.

White-labelling using PostCSS path resolution

Theming an application is a concern for many organisations and products. In this post I'll present a simple way to manage branding using current tooling.