Anna Caulfield

I'm a Delivery Principal at Scott Logic. Ex- Virgin Money, Telegraph Media Group. Regular at Glastonbury Festival, Mum of two and a crazy sausage dog owner.
In this post, I share the top things that resonated with me from the Reset Connect Conference 2023 and crucially some of the topics that I felt were missing – and that we at Scott Logic are actively researching and working on.
Open Source
I'm excited to share that we are imminently reaching our next milestone as we release our set of test suites against FDC3 2.0. In this post, I explain what the FDC3 Conformance Framework is and how it works, and share our experiences from our contribution journey.
Last week I attended 'Women of Silicon Roundabout' - the UK's largest tech event for women. Jess McEvoy and I delivered a workshop on 'How to build a business case for your next promotion'. I wanted to share some of the content more widely, including a Career Canvas tool for mapping out your goals and motivations, and to help you build your business case.