Laurence Pisani

I am Head of Testing at Scott Logic, responsible for the overall direction of the practice and how we deliver testing to our clients. I have a background in combining psychology with software engineering, with a keen interest in Human Factors testing and how we interact with technology.

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Everyone’s mental wellbeing has been put under unprecedented strain in the last 12 months, affecting all aspects of our work life and home life. In this talk, I explore the various stressors that affect our mental health and shares some strategies that will help you to improve your resilience.
Resilience is the ability to adapt or recover from a range of issues, including trauma, burnout, and conflict. We do not always get to choose the situations we find ourselves in, but typically we get to choose what our response to those situations might be.
It's been a busy year for the Scott Logic testing team since we last visited the Software Testing Conference North. This year offered the opportunity to catch up with other members of the testing community, and to hear how companies are tackling their testing challenges.
Testing can become a bottleneck within an agile delivery pipeline, resulting in delays and poorer quality software being released. This guide provides simple but effective ideas and techniques to successfully embed testing into the agile culture, eliminating those bottlenecks and increasing the confidence in your software quality.
Taking the time upfront to consider the focus of your testing can pay dividends. It shouldn’t just be a priority to test early to decrease the cost of fixing issues, it should also be a priority to test in the right way from the start, to ensure we are meeting the needs of our users.