This white paper is designed to help you better understand the potential of the humble Application Programming Interface (API) in unlocking genuine digital transformation.
This white paper identifies the core building blocks that are required to build an integrated desktop application ecosystem using a combination of web and legacy technologies, looks at the associated challenges, and reviews the various open source and commercial products that form the foundations of this ecosystem of the future.
This white paper explores the benefits of starting small to ultimately build big, why this is difficult to do in practice, how to identify opportunities to break down bigger problems, and practical approaches to avoid failure.
The Financial Services industry is having to change and adapt in the face of regulations, competition, changes in buying habits and client expectations. This white paper encourages the industry to look at public cloud not as a tool for driving down costs, but as a vehicle for technical and business agility.
DevOps methodology is currently at the peak of its popularity. Despite this popularity, the journey towards the adoption is often difficult. This white paper provides actionable advice on how to assess your DevOps maturity and embark on the journey towards adoptions.
WebAssembly is a new runtime for the web; a fast and efficient compilation target for a wide range of languages that could have a far-reaching impact on the web as we know it. This paper looks at at the performance limits of JavaScript and how WebAssembly was designed to tackle them.
Testing can become a bottleneck within an agile delivery pipeline, resulting in delays and poorer quality software being released. This guide provides simple but effective ideas and techniques to successfully embed testing into the agile culture, eliminating those bottlenecks and increasing the confidence in your software quality.
Data lakes? Most Financial Service organisations either have one or are considering one. This white paper explains key considerations and a warning to help guide their creation or optimisation to fulfil its requirement
A white paper which takes a looks at the continued growth of HTML5 and how it is now a viable solution for desktop application development.
This white paper explores and addresses the importance of migrating complex business applications from Flex and Silverlight to HTML5. It highlights the risks involved in delaying your migration and provides a solution that tackles cost concerns at the same time as delivering an early return on investment.
Creating omni-channel experiences in enterprise is more often than not a challenge in terms of strategy and mindset rather than technology. This white paper outlines a twinned design and technical approach that ensures focus is squarely on users and the contexts within they use a system.
Moving from desktop or plugin technologies (Flex, Silverlight, Java Applets) to HTML5 is a challenge for developers of large-scale enterprise applications. This White Paper discusses the challenges and offers potential solutions.
When meeting current and prospective clients the subject of web technology choice often arises. There has been a great deal of confusion and uncertainty out there, even before Microsoft's perceived change of stance with respect to Silverlight emerged.
Last week I gave a presentation at a joint Scott Logic / Microsoft event about how WPF and Silverlight are unifying the development platform for desktop, web and mobile.