The Financial Services industry is having to change and adapt in the face of regulations, competition, changes in buying habits and client expectations. Technology is central to many of these changes, and in order to respond quickly it must be an enabler, not an inhibitor.

One of the greatest technology enablers of the past decade is public cloud. The strategic importance of this has been widely accepted by the industry, however, the prevailing focus on the cloud as a means to reduce costs, is overlooking its greatest capability: agility!

Public cloud platforms give an unprecedented level of technical agility. Their pay-as-you-go model makes it easy to experiment with and evaluate different technology solutions, and the high levels of automation allow rapid iteration and feedback. The cost-effective scalability of the cloud allows you to easily create systems that provision extra capacity in real-time. Furthermore the effort and cost required to make cloud solutions scalable, secure and robust is greatly reduced.

The public cloud provides a platform for change, and a foundation for business agility. It allows you to create new services, experiment with new technology, explore SaaS offerings and provide greater user engagement with a rapid time-to-market.

If you are interested in reading more, download the white paper: “Thinking differently - the cloud as a value driver” - in PDF format.