Rob Smith

Sales and Marketing Director here at Scott Logic. I have a passion for all things related to delivery excellence, and in my spare time I enjoy football, cycling and mountains (where I often inadvertently get lost).
As part of our Look Up From Lockdown campaign, we’ve invited senior leaders from our clients’ organisations to reflect on their experiences and learnings from addressing the challenges of the pandemic, and to look ahead to how their organisations will be returning to the office. Having found the insights from others fascinating, we thought it was time we shared our own views. Here, Rob Smith discusses his and Scott Logic’s experiences through Lockdown
Back in May I wrote a blog, Beyond COVID, discussing the changes we may see in the UK after the lockdown. With restrictions now lifting (or maybe not lifting), it seems to be a good time to revisit my thoughts and look ahead to the future.
Following the recent relaxation of Lockdown, and with reports circulating of further loosening, we can all start to look forward to something approaching normality. But what will constitute “normal” in the future, and what will this mean for the technology we use?
This white paper explores the benefits of starting small to ultimately build big, why this is difficult to do in practice, how to identify opportunities to break down bigger problems, and practical approaches to avoid failure.
The extension of IR35 tax reforms to the private sector has the potential to be highly disruptive. As I’ll explain here, it is vital to act now – and help is at hand.
Since the Agile movement went mainstream towards the end of the last decade many organisations have invested heavily to “go Agile”. People have been trained, Scrum Masters hired, tools purchased and whole change programmes executed. But what have we achieved and have the expectations for agility been met?