Bartosz Jedrzejewski

Bartosz Jedrzejewski

I am a Lead Software Developer at Scott Logic. I use Java and JavaScript to solve all kind of problems- from hobby projects to enterprise financial systems. Currently I am fascinated by Microservice Architecture, Machine Learning and board games.


Spring Boot and MongoDB - a perfect match!

The popularity of Spring Boot in the Java world is undeniable. In this post I will show you yet another reason for this. Using Spring Boot makes working with MongoDB an absolute pleasure.

Java Enums - how to use them smarter

A short introduction to Java enum capabilities followed by concrete examples of good use. How enums help with implementing lazy loaded singleton, following open/closed principle and using strategy pattern.

Code reuse in microservices architecture - with Spring Boot

In most microservice architectures, there are many opportunities and temptations for sharing code. In this post I will give advice based on my experience on when it should be avoided and when code reuse is acceptable. The points will be illustrated with the help of an example Spring Boot project.

Recommended Reading For Java Developers

Being a software developer requires constantly improving ones knowledge. This is a short list of books that made the largest impact on me as Java developer. I hope that you too will find here something that will take you to the next level!

Java Microservices - How to get started in minutes using Dropwizard

This blog shows how to get started with microservices using Dropwizard. It guides the reader through building a simple task-list service.