Chloe Sanderson

Chloe Sanderson

UX designer based in Edinburgh. Fan of design systems and good puns.
UX Design
The choice of whether to build a web app, a PWA, a desktop container app or a native desktop application is one that is usually dominated by technical discussions. Of course, a deep understanding of the technical tradeoffs is essential. But what can often be underrepresented is a consideration of the real end-users, and what approach might be best for them.
Recently, a whole range of tools have been introduced promising to fully automate visual design specs, so that designers never have to manually create specs again. But is it really that simple? Just like other forms of automation, there are pros and cons to these tools that are important to consider.
Design specs are often overlooked or unwelcome as part of the design process. However, by employing the same UX principles to this stage as we do to the rest of our work, we can optimise handover from design to development.