Gurveer Arora

Gurveer Arora

I am a developer at Scott Logic, Newcastle. Find me on Github

Everyone loves CSS! So I built a calculator where the CSS handles the logic without the help of javascript. In this blog post, I will discuss how I achieved this and maybe make a case for my sanity for making it.
The world is racing for quantum supremacy, to solve problems once thought impossible on any reasonable timescale. In this post, I explain the fundamental principles that allow this to be possible.
The function console.log is a JS developer's best friend. In this post I explore the console API in greater detail to help you in your next big project, or help you mess around.
Improv is one of my favourite pastimes. In this post I explore some of the most fundamental rules of Improv and what they can teach about writing good code.
React and Redux are 2 tools that together make it simpler to create functional UIs. However there are many potential pitfalls when it comes to using them. In this blog I will walk you through some practices to keep in mind as you write your own code.