Hannah Pretswell

I work as a Test Engineer with a rather odd background in animation. When I'm not bug hunting I like to read, play piano and partake in local theatre productions.

All companies need to be warned about the consequences of sending their testers to conferences.... (especially ones that are inclusive and considerate of their attendees)
If I said the words "a tech conference for women" - what would you imagine? Would it be the attendees sitting in circles, holding hands and admiring each other's beads? Do you picture 'sisters' singing kumbaya and plotting the downfall of the patriarchy? Would you picture sessions such as "how to code for fluffy-wuffy knitting sites?" Would you wonder if it was full of hardcode coding and hacking sessions to get women further up the knowledge ladder? Some of the Scott Logic tech staff went to a technical conference for women. This is what it was like.
Lead Test Engineer Daniel recently produced a blog tackling the myths around software testing, one of which being ‘testing is boring’. In this post, fellow Test Engineer Hannah delves a little deeper into this misconception and things we can do to dispel it.
Continuous learning is part of our culture at Scott Logic, our test engineer Hannah volunteers as a STEM Ambassador in local schools. Find out more here.
Test metrics have for too long been the 'Holy Grail' of determining quality. This blog post looks at the reason why the metric of 'defect density' should perhaps have a second thought before use to determine software and tester quality.
A first-timer at the annual BCSWomen Lovelace Colloquium, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was keen to answer any questions about careers in software.
This is the second post in a series of simple and short tutorials for automating tests using Protractor. In this post we will look at the difference between isPresent and isDisplayed, and we will use getText and the matchers toContain and toEqual to create some tests.
This is the first post in a series of simple and short tutorials for automating tests using Protractor. In this post we will look at how to find page elements using the Chrome developer tools, and writing a simple test using the Jasmine matcher isDisplayed.


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