Jon Harris

I'm a full stack developer with Scott Logic in Bristol with experience of greater or lesser extent in C#, Java, React, Python and Spark.
Artificial Intelligence
ChatGPT is put through its paces to see how the AI fares as a productivity tool for developing a small project. We look at where it helps, where it doesn't, and where AI tooling might go in the future.
We explore how to use Spring Profiles as a handy way to select the configuration at runtime by wiring in different beans, as well as looking at how to autowire different beans in for integration tests.
If you're hiring developers you're always going to need a technical interview as part of the process. This post discusses what you should look for in this interview to find the best applicants.
Taking a look at Microsoft's new product .NET for Apache Spark by writing a C# app that writes Spark dataframes to a SQL database.
If you look up the MVC pattern on the web you can easily find definitions that differ and contradict each other. In this post I'll look at some definitions of MVC and consider what the differences mean for applying the pattern in practice.