Josh Warren

I have been a software developer at Scott Logic since joining in August 2022. When I’m not tapping away at a keyboard, you can find me travelling the world or attempting to write some music!
Artificial Intelligence
In the light of OpenAI’s system outage, a ripple of unprepared AI powered systems crashed across the world. How can we best secure our LLM based applications against such occurrences?
Artificial Intelligence
Have you ever tried explaining something to a child, who pretends to understand, but in reality doesn’t have the foggiest what you’re saying? That’s the experience I’ve had with LangChain agents.
After months of hard work, rattling lines of code away, time in meetings, questions, debates, pair programming, banging your head against the wall after hours spent on one elusive bug, new technologies, old technologies, refactoring, testing, polishing and then… the day arrives. Our grad project app is to be released into the wild, used by the very ones who created it.