Nick Betts

Principal Consultant at Scott Logic in Newcastle. I have a keen interest in technology, specifically within Banking and Government sectors. In my spare time you'll find me out on the road cycling.
Artificial Intelligence
Reflections from the recent 2024 Public Sector Innovation Conference in London, on the topic of Artificial Intelligence
Tech · Video
In this panel discussion, Ash Smith (GDS), Cheryl Stevens (DWP) and Mike Crockart (The Scottish Government) discuss their approaches to identity assurance, including opportunities to improve the user experience and potential obstacles to overcome along the way.
Tech · Video
In this talk, I delve further into the proposed transition from Open Banking to Open Finance, discussing some of the possible opportunities and challenges on the journey.
Since the Government Gateway launched two decades ago , there is now an array of Government online portals available, allowing citizens to securely authenticate with a digital identity, and access Government services. In this blog post, I discuss the legacy of the Government identity services, and the recent Cabinet Office push for the 'development of a single sign-on and identity assurance system.'
Open Source · Video
I talk in this session about the real use cases for Open APIs, and how organisations are starting to move from a compliance mindset to seeing the opportunities that opening up data can deliver – from compliance-driven APIs within the banking sector, to future opportunities that OpenFinance may offer to consumers, to the adoption of Open APIs in other industry sectors.
Open Banking is a huge step in the right direction towards Open Data, however it only provides a thin slice of a customer’s finances, as consumers we still don’t have a solution that allows us to fully view and manage our “financial health” based on our personal lifestyle circumstances. Could Open Finance be the answer? In this post I’ll explain what Open Finance is, and further explore the possible opportunities and obstacles ahead.
If you don’t work in finance or technology then the chances are, you may not have heard of Open Banking. In this article I’ll explain more about Open Banking, my own experience of implementing an Open Banking API solution for a UK challenger bank, and a brief look at what's coming next...