With GDS leading on the new ‘One Login for Government’ and The Scottish Government embarking on the Beta stage of its Digital Identity Scotland programme, a new vision of identity assurance for public services is being shaped.

The vision is that people have ‘One Login For Government’ which is simple and safe to use, and available to everyone; making it easier for people to find and access government services. The aim is to allow citizens to prove their identity only once — if they agree to share their data between services and departments — and to protect people’s privacy.

To explore this vision, we gathered an expert panel:

• Ash Smith – Deputy Director, Digital Identity – Government Digital Service • Cheryl Stevens – Digital Director, Shared Channels Experience – Department for Work and Pensions • Mike Crockart – Identity Platform Service Owner – The Scottish Government

In this panel I facilitated, they discuss their approach to identity assurance, including opportunities to improve the user experience and potential obstacles to overcome along the way.