Peter Hughes

As a Principal Consultant here at Scott Logic, I focus on improving the performance of our clients businesses through the application of modern technologies.

When I am not in the office, you will find me out on the trails having fun on my mountain bike.

Open Source · Video
In this online event, we brought together an expert panel from Ofgem, Northren Powergrid and NatWest Group to explore the challenges and opportunities ahead for the energy industry, and the practical lessons that can be gained from a global corporate that has been on the same journey and is now leading the way into the retail banking world of tomorrow.
According to the power sector regulator, Ofgem, “The fastest route to NetZero is via data and digitalisation”. The endeavor of making energy data open presents a significant challenge — but power companies can take reassurance and learn valuable lessons from the success of the UK’s rapid implementation of Open Banking.
The energy transition will challenge everything especially your digital capabilities. The smart energy leaders are now talking to those who have been down this road before, are you?
The change from fossil fuels as our primary source of energy to renewables has vast and immediate implications for our power infrastructure and its operators. It will take smart and open thinking leaders to create a smart and open power network.
Those organisations who emerged stronger and more competitive from the 2008 global financial crisis are at it again. They have benefited significantly from past bold and decisive moves and now they are wasting no time adapting to the next version of the future. So what are the tenets of change this time?