The global energy transition is well underway and the new licence directions relating to digitalisation and Open Data require a significant transformation in the UK power sector.

Are there lessons to be learnt from other sectors that will allow the power sector to move faster, address business concerns sooner and deliver early value to stakeholders? Open Banking was implemented in the UK through regulation and to similar timescales. The scale and details differ, but the challenges and solutions at a macro level are the same.

In this online event, we brought together an expert panel — Ofgem’s Head of Data Steven Steer, Northern Powergrid’s Head of Information Systems Paul Fitton, and NatWest Group’s Head of Open Banking Technology, Jonathan Haggarty — to explore the challenges and opportunities ahead for the energy industry, and the practical lessons that can be gained from a global corporate that has been on the same journey and is now leading the way into the retail banking world of tomorrow.