Steve Foreshew-Cain

I am Scott Logic's CEO, and have over 20 years of leadership experience from private enterprise and public bodies including ITV, The Co-operative Group and the UK’s Government Digital Service.
In the past few years, we’ve seen a return to the large-scale technology procurement approach that the Government Digital Service was explicitly set up to tackle. We learned lessons from the past back in 2011 – and if we don't continue to learn from the past, we're doomed to repeat it. As I explain in this blog post, there is a better way forward – one in which we focus on bold and better GovTech, not 'Big IT'.
Every year at this time, I like to share my thoughts on the continuing relevance of Pride Month. This year, we're going to share insights from the Scott Logic team on what Pride and allyship mean to them, and why they value working in an inclusive environment. I get the ball rolling here.
Every June, I like to share my thoughts on the continuing relevance of Pride Month. At Scott Logic, we’ve adopted this year’s Northern Pride theme—Remember, Resist, Rise Up—and there are many good reasons why, from the personal to the political.
I believe strongly that it's vital to showcase the women leaders in our industry; to me, it's the key to addressing the gender imbalance that holds our industry back. We all know representation matters - what you can see, you can be. But more than this, it’s the normalisation of women being in leadership positions that’s essential in closing the authority gap.
In advance of the event on Profit with Purpose that I'm participating in during Digital Leaders Week, I reflect (briefly) here on my experiences in Government, my thoughts on some of the challenges that still lie ahead, and why I’m excited to be the new ‘gaffer’ at Scott Logic.
Every year at this time, I celebrate Pride with my LGBTQ+ brothers, sisters and genderqueer family. For me, it’s a time each year when I come together with my LGBTQ+ family, friends (and those friends who have become my family) and allies in love and friendship. It’s a time when we can celebrate how far gay rights – our human rights – have come, but also recommit ourselves to the work yet to do. It’s a time when I remind myself of our history and the battles won in striving for equality for all, but also the ongoing need to teach tolerance and acceptance within our community and beyond it.