Sam Hogarth

Sam enjoys working across the technology stack, he is passionate about building systems that deliver high value, incorporating new ideas, improving productivity and communicating with the developer community. He is interested in patterns and process within the changing world of software engineering. In his spare time, he can run a fine game of Dungeons and Dragons!

A relatively new architectural style for building web-based applications, micro-frontends are an extension of the popular microservices pattern where the vertical slice of functionality that a microservice provides is extended all the way to the front-end. With micro-frontends, you can more easily scale your development teams by composing applications from loosely coupled frontend components. In this podcast we ask the question 'Do you actually need a micro-frontend?'
Setting a Sprint Goal is a powerful means of achieving focus, motivating and inspiring your team. So why is it always forgotten about?
An introduction to ArchUnit; an open-source, extensible Java unit testing library for enforcing your architectural and coding rules.
Agile is a thing that you are, not a thing that you do, or buy. We can't treat Agile as an off the shelf product. Focus on promoting agility.
My personal reflections on the sessions that I attended at the 2019 Build IT Right conference. Continuous Delivery, embracing conflict and fighting entropy.
If you're a fan of Redux Saga then you will have noticed the abundance of libraries to assist testing your sagas. This post takes an in-depth look into the different approaches to testing sagas, describing where five popular testing libraries fit into these approaches.
Yesterday I attended (and spoke!) at the 2016 Bristech conference, an event aimed at polyglots, innovators and the "tech curious". It was a full house at the Watershed with over 400 tickets sold. I had a great time at the conference, attending quite a few talks myself. What made the conference interesting to me was the diverse range of subjects covered - design, security, even physics! Presented here are some brief notes and comments from the day's proceedings.
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This talk from Bristech 2016 takes a look into the use of Redux for state management in front-end React applications
Saturday marked the fifth annual DDD North conference, held once again at the University of Sunderland. DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper! events are volunteer-organised conferences where members of the community propose and vote on the agenda. ScottLogic took part this year as a Platinum-level sponsor. We had many fantastic conversations with developers from all across the country, plus our squishy rugby ball giveaways were very popular!
Scott Logic have been helping out with a Code Club at a local primary school. As one of the developers involved, I'd like to share my experiences and tips for running your own Code Club!
Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending this year's DDDNorth conference at Sunderland University.
Android is fragmented. This is a feature, not a bug. Embrace this and you embrace the future.
Last weekend I traveled to Bradford for the second DDDNorth conference - a community-organised developer event which featured some excellent speakers.
A look at how the Android design patterns have shifted over time


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