Simon Laing

I'm a lead developer at Scott Logic in Bristol. I enjoy the opportunity to share the experiences I've had, and skills I've learnt, for the benefit of others.
Open Source
Data for development and test systems is essential for testing, feature design and development. This post explores the options and presents the Data Helix tool, that provides an effective means of producing data.
Rebasing is a technique available in Git, often shrouded in mystery or steered away from, this post explains what it is and how it can be used
The more advanced, time saving and helpful techniques of any source control tool require an understanding of the fundamental concepts of any source control, here we cover the most important ones
We're told that we need to commit early and often. But what does this mean...? What is the right frequency? When should branches be used? When do they work well, and when should they be avoided?
We are taught how to write good code, but we're not taught how to use source control properly. Why is the history of our code any less important than the code itself?


FINOS Members Meeting
01 May 2019