Graham Odds

Graham Odds

I'm a designer, developer and speaker working across desktop, web and mobile, with a particular taste for data visualisation. At Scott Logic, I work primarily with financial services institutions, designing, building and improving their research and analysis tools. I like to educate coders about the concept of users and artists about the reality of technology, or just rant and rave at whoever will read this blog.


UX Scotland 2013

on 24 Jun 2013

Last week I spoke at and attended UX Scotland 2013, a new user experience design conference organised by Software Acumen. Over the course of 2 days, 31 sessions and roughly 130 delegates ensured that Our Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh was filled with ideas, discussion and enthusiasm. Overall,...

Illusions in CSS

on 07 Mar 2013

In an attempt to see how powerful pure CSS can be these days I decided to try implementing some of my favourite visual illusions without any JavaScript. Not only was this good fun, I gained quite a few insights into the current state of CSS.

Toob - London Underground travel app

on 04 Oct 2012

Toob is a London Underground travel app for Windows 8 that I am designing and developing for CodeProject's App Innovation Contest. It is currently a work in progress but I have written an article introducing the application and going through some useful technical information for anyone interested in writing HTML5 applications for Windows 8.

If broad habitats in the UK were clustered...

on 06 Jul 2012

Intrigued by Mark Easton's question on Twitter, 'How much of Britain is built on?', and inspired by the associated article, The Great Urban Myth of Britain, I wanted to put the UK NEA's statement that '6.8% of the UK's land area is now classified as urban' into some kind of context that actually made sense to me.

How to undermine a good design: a case study

on 14 Jun 2012

This article considers a recent change to the BBC Weather site as an example of how overuse of information visualisation techniques and inconsistent design decisions can undermine what is otherwise an excellent content-first experience.

UX London 2012

on 26 Apr 2012

Last week I attended the UX London 2012 conference. This was my first public foray into the world of User Experience and it proved to be both educational and thought-provoking. Having read his book, Sketching User Experiences, I had high expectations of the opening presentation from...

Infographics - info = graphics

on 09 Feb 2012

This article presents a concern I have regarding the development of infographics and shows an example of the kind of critical thinking I believe the world of infographics is unfortunately all too often missing.

Change is afoot in the lands of Flash and Flex

on 14 Nov 2011

Adobe has recently made a number of rather muddled announcements around Flash and Flex that have caused confusion and concern in the development community. In this post I hope to clarify what actually has been said and present my take on what it might actually mean for those of us...

Pension Pot Calculator

on 27 Oct 2011

Pension Pot Calculator projects the future value of a portfolio, based on input factors such as investment strategory and inflation.

Flash On The Beach 2011

on 15 Sep 2011

Yesterday I spoke at the Flash On The Beach conference in Brighton as part of the Elevator Pitch session. I think the session went really well, with a great mixture of topics so (hopefully) everyone was suitably entertained. As previously mentioned, my 3-minute talk...

Static Initialisation in Flex

on 29 Jul 2011

For reasons best ignored I recently investigated the different ways in which static initialisation code can be run in Flex. As well as a direct equivalent to the static initialiser blocks available in Java and C#, Flex has a couple of subtle variants that can prove...

Flash On The Beach 2011

on 12 Jul 2011

Yesterday I received the exciting news that I will be speaking at the fantastic Flash On The Beach conference in Brighton this September. As Europe's biggest annual Flash conference it brings together leading minds from all over the industry and focuses on design and development in equal share....

Flex, Silverlight or HTML5? Time to decide...

on 06 May 2011

Building on the experience and expertise within Scott Logic, my colleague, Colin Eberhardt, has produced an excellent whitepaper considering the three big web technologies at the moment: Flex, Silverlight and HTML5. Recent advances in web technologies have resulted in a complex landscape for...

Updating Flex Sparkline to Flex 4

on 19 Apr 2011

In a previous post I presented a library of sparkline implementations for Flex 3. I have finally gotten round to updating it for Flex 4. The new source code, documentation and pre-compiled swf (namespace: can be obtained from here. As before, the components are...

Presentation Model (or MVVM) with Mate

on 31 Jan 2011

This post introduces the Presentation Model (or MVVM) architectural pattern as one approach for creating "better" large-scale Flex applications and shows how the Mate Framework can be leveraged to not only achieve this pattern but increase separation of concerns above...

Flex Charts vs Silverlight Charts - a test of Performance

on 16 Nov 2010

This post follows on from the comparison of two Silverlight chart libraries produced by my colleague, Colin Eberhardt, by adding an implementation of the simple image processing tool in Flex using the Flex Charting library to the comparison. The results show that...