Welcome to my blog, Colin Eberhardt's Adventures in WPF. This page gives a little background on myself and the blog.

My name is Colin Eberhardt and I have been involved in software, in a number of shapes and forms, for more than a decade now. I have dabbled in a range of technologies from Enterprise Java, C#.NET through to programming embedded DSP and microprocessors. I also have experience in Mechanical, Electronic and Optical engineering; these have helped shape my perspective on software and how it should be developed. I currently work as a Lead Developer at Scott Logic, a UK based provider of software and consulting services to the Financial Sector.

This blog is primarily focussed on Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), the next-generation UI framework from Microsoft. The reason I started this blog is because the architecture of WPF has a certain beauty to it, however it lacks the drag-and-drop style development tools available to Windows Forms developers, which can make it something of a challenge.

I intend to use this blog to share my ideas, thoughts, tips and tricks with the WPF developer community.

I am happy to receive any questions or feedback.

Regards, Colin E.

mail: ceberhardt@scottlogic.com

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