A few weeks ago I created a Silverlight version of the #uksnow Twitter mashup, which plots twitter users snow reports on a UK map. Yesterday I spotted a new geographically encoded hashtag, #ukfuel. Twitter users are using this hashtag to share local fuel prices across the UK.

The format of #ukfuel tweets is as follows:

[postcode] [fuel type] [price]

For example:

DA16 UL £1.30


DA16 Derv £1.30

I thought it would be fun to modify my mashup to plot #ukfuel prices. And here it is ...

The application above is a bit basic, it could be extended to search for historic #ukfuel tweets, also the #ukfuel hashtag format could do with being more well defined, I can see from various user's tweets that there is some confusion about the format they should use. However, I think #ukfuel shows great promise, and if it catches on, I plan to add features and improve on the above application.

Any thoughts, comments, suggestions? Please leave a comment below.

Regards,Colin E.

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