At the weekend my wife was having a 'girls night out', which gave me an excellent excuse (and roughly four hours) to spend working on a DDDHack entry. I selected the RSSReader project as a starting point with the aim of turning it into something which resembled a more usable application. The changes I made are as follows:

  • Upgrade code from the April CTP tools!
  • Render each RSS entry using the WebBrowser control.
  • Add a 'read' state to each entry so that you can see which ones you have already read.
  • Forward / back navigation controls to allow easier browsing of a feed.
  • An indicator of the number of items read for each feed.
  • Mark all as read / unread menu items
  • Favourites
  • A pivot-based front page.
  • Send story as SMS (which fails if you hit the back-button due to a lack of tombstoning!)

Here's a video of the application in action:

You can download the code here:

Regards,Colin E.