I am happy to have been invited by NEBytes to give a talk on cross-platform XAML applications later this month. The event kicks off at 6:30pm on August 17th at Room 120, Claremont Tower, Newcastle University, with the event including both my presentation and a talk on Office 365 by Jonathan Noble and Andrew Westgarth. You can sign up for the event via the NEBytes eventbrite page.

An abstract for my talk is as follows:

WPF and Silverlight: Unifying the Development Platform for Desktop, Web and Mobile with Colin Eberhardt

The recent boom in mobile and tablet devices and the ubiquity of the web mean that we, as software developers, have found ourselves developing for a wide range of devices. All-to-often applications destined for the web, desktop and mobile are developed separately at great cost. This talk will look at how the XAML based technologies of WPF and Silverlight allow you to use your skills to build application for a wide range of platforms. Furthermore, with the use of simple design patterns, it is possible to share a common code-base for all three. In this talk I will cover the differences and similarities of WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone 7, with a practical demonstration of cross-platform application development.

At this talk I will demonstrating various working examples including XAMLFinance a cross-platform WPF / Silverlight / WP7 application I have been working on:

Hopefully see you there!

Regards, Colin E.