I recently came across the mustachify.me service. Inspired by Movember, I just had to spread the mo-ssage. One bookmarklet later, I can now man-up any page* I deem appropriate.

I've picked some likely stooges from Scott Logic for you to test the link out on. Admire them first with their frankly boyish faces, before clicking this link to Mustachify! them into real men.

To use the link on another site, just drag it onto you favorites/bookmarks toolbar, visit the site and click the favorite/bookmark*. I can recommend the BBC's entertainment news and politics news websites as good candidates!

On a slightly more serious note, there's a few guys from the office who have put in a sterling face effort. You can check out their Mospace page if you'd like to donate to the cause.

* the bookmarklet will only work on sites containing images that are hosted publicly and not behind a login etc.. This is a limitation of mustachify and well the internet!

In keeping with the 80-90s film legends in blog posts theme (Author:Samantha Murphy)

For anyone interested in how the bookmarklet works it is trivially simple thanks to the API moustachify exposes -

void((function () { // standard bookmarklet faire
    var imgs = document.getElementsByTagName("IMG"), // grab all the img tags from the page
        i = 0,
    // swap out the source of each image with a moustachified URL
    while (img = imgs[i++]) img.src = "http://mustachify.me/?src=" + img.src;
}())); // standard bookmarklet faire

Digging a bit deeper into how mustachio works, led me to face.com and this API example. There have got to be a million awesome uses of that, and it's free!