I have just received an email from Chris Maunder, co-founder of CodeProject, informing me that I have been awarded CodeProject MVP status for 2012. I am very pleased to have received this award, which is given to a small handful of individuals each year.

What I like about CodeProject is the fantastic quality of the articles submitted by the thousands of authors that participate in this site, with the only payment being their own please in the writing.

I have not written that many articles throughout the year, just four of them. However, I have put a lot of effort into each one of them - and thankfully they have been very well received. It is great that CodeProject favours quality over quantity. My articles for 2011 were:

I do also circulate some of my blog posts via the CodeProject Associate program..

On that note, it is almost three months since I last wrote an article ... fortunately I do have an idea for the next article, so I had better get on with writting it ...

Regards, Colin E.