In a couple of weeks I will be giving a talk on using PhoneGap for cross platform mobile application development at the WPUG #NotAtMWC12 event on Tuesday, February 28, in London. Here's a brief overview of my talk and a video:

Windows Phone 7 and the Silverlight framework are a great pairing; they allow you to create beautiful Metro applications with ease. The excellent tooling, coupled with the Nokia partnership, should make WP7 a big success.

Will we see a future dominated by WP7? I doubt it, and the analysts at Gartner seem to agree, with their 2015 predictions indicating that Andoid, WP7 and iOS will all still have a significant market share for a few years to come. If you are developing a smartphone application this means you either make a choice between one of the three, or you have to write the same application three times, once in each of C#, Java and Objective-C.

However, there is another way ... all three phones have highly capable browser, in many ways more capable than their desktop counterparts where many people still use quite archaic browsers! All have good HTML5 support, which allows you to create applications that run within the browser. With this technology you can potentially write your mobile application just once using HTML5 (JavaScript / CSS) and reuse it on all three platforms.

This sounds too good to be true doesn't it?

This talk will focus on the use of PhoneGap for the development of cross platform applications and look at the compromises you make, and the benefits you receive, by using this approach.

I'll be talking quite a bit about Property Finder, a PhoneGap application I wrote for WP7, which I have now ported to iOS (using PhoneGap build):

Hopefully see you there!

Regards, Colin E.