Earlier today I received an email informing me that I have been awarded a CodeProject MVP for the year 2013. I am very grateful to CodeProject for this award - it is a very popular website for developers, with around 10 million members, and thousands of authors. It is an honour to be among the company of the ~30 other MVPs.


This year I have contributed five articles to Codeproject:

That's one more article than I contributed the previous year!

Over the past year my development interests have diversified, in 2011 I was mainly focused on WPF, Silverlight and Windows Phone. I now find myself spending just as much time on JavaScript and iOS - neither of which are really the core focus for CodeProject. I will probably be writing for Ray Wenderlich's iOS site just as much as CodeProject throughout 2013, however, I doubt I will ever give up on CodeProject. It has such a lively community, attracts some of the best technical authors, and provides them with a great environment to work within.

Regards, Colin E.