It can be hard to be a minority in any environment, which is still the case for women in the software industry today. However, my experience of being involved with women in tech groups is that it can be incredibly motivating and invigorating to realise that there’s a encouraging community of like-minded people out there. At the Scott Logic Edinburgh office we’re in the great position to be able to host tech groups, and we’re keen to do as much as we can to support women in the tech industry.

In 2017 we moved into amazing new offices, and as this was a greenfield office, we had the luxury of designing our own work environment. A key consideration in this was to build in a space where we could comfortably host tech talks and meet ups.

Edinburgh has a vibrant tech community, you could eat pizza and drink beer every night of the week at the different tech talks and meet ups run throughout the city! Well - now we had space, the phone number for some great places to get food and drinks delivered, so we were ready to get involved.

Since then we’ve hosted several different groups, from Ministry of Testing, Lean Agile Scotland and our own ‘Techie Talks’ but we have also hosted some great meetups from Women Who Code Edinburgh and coming soon, Girl Geeks. These events are all aimed at connecting women in the tech industry and giving them a space to be inspired, share experiences and learn something new.

These meetups are informal, friendly places to come to but full of energy and ideas. The idea of ‘networking’ and talking to people you don’t know can be daunting, however the environments are friendly and inviting places filled with like-minded individuals ready to engage in or learn something new.

If you’ve ever thought about attending one of these events I’d say, go for it. Take a look at our events page for information on upcoming events we are hosting. It’s also a chance to come in, say “hi” and see what we do here in Scott Logic.