Many of us love a good podcast so I reached out to our project team to see what they were listening to in the tech and sustainability space. Here are their recommendations:

Environment Variables

If I were to pick one podcast to start with, then this would be the one. Published by the Green Software Foundation, each episode aims to bring listeners the latest news regarding how to reduce the emissions of software and how the industry is dealing with its own environmental impact.

A great place to start is with this episode which looks at how we might start to make changes within organisations. I am always a big fan of practical actions I can take to effect change and the more people across our organisations that we can take on that journey with us, the more effective we will be as agents of change!

The Net Zero

The next podcast is The Net Zero: A Digital Journey which is a six-part series exploring the essential role that the IT profession has in addressing the climate crisis and achieving net zero targets with guests from across the community.

Oliver recommends this series as it features Adam Turner, Head of Sustainable Digital and ICT, UK Govt + Defra and makes for a fascinating discussion about why it is time for us to act now to seize the potential to make a difference.

Green IO

A couple of the team recommend GreenIO, another great podcast featuring people from across the tech industry sharing their insights as well as practical ways for us to reduce the environmental impact of the technology we create.

Oliver listened to #21 Greening Software 101 with Anne Currie & Arne Tarara at the same time as reading the available chapters of Building Green Software by Anne Currie.

As an avid reader, I can get on board with this approach – maybe I can aim to make Building Green Software book number 40 for 2023!

Another ClimateTech Podcast

Featuring interviews with the people fighting climate change through entrepreneurship, investment, academia, activism, art, and more this podcast had to be included in our list. I really like the fact that a non-technical audience are included here too as I feel strongly that if we are to make the biggest impact, then we need everyone on board across our organisations to help us drive change, not just development teams.

I would recommend Climate Change is Hilarious with Stuart Goldsmith as nothing beats a bit of comedy, especially if climate anxiety has you reeling!

Zero Downtime: The Data Center Podcast

“Green Software is not just about more efficient code, says Anne Currie. Rewriting everything in C might cut energy use - but it would destroy your company. “- Annie Currie

A more specialised addition to the list is Zero Downtime, a podcast focussed on data centres by DCD. Matthew recommends this episode, Actions speak louder than code where Annie Currie of the Green Software Foundation was interviewed and discusses how the changes we need to make go way beyond writing more efficient code.

Are there any here that you listen to and love? Or any that we have missed? If so, we want to know!